For Landlords

At PPZ Group we have 2 options for our property owners as follows;

Option 1: One month’s rent as commission for a 1 year rental, paid fully in advance on entry to the property by the tenant. Finding of tenant and contract provided for this fee. No ongoing management is provided.

Option 2: For a short term let, any period under 6 months we charge a a fee of 15% of the monthly rental, finding the tenant and contract included but no on going management. This fee to be paid before tenant enters the property.


For Tenants

Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

As a tenant you should make sure that a receipt is given each time you pay the rent ,make sure that you keep this receipt in a safe place as you will need to produce it should any dispute arise over payment.
As a tenant, you do not have the right to stop paying rent if the landlord/agent will not carry out repairs on your residence. If the premises are unfit for living in, however, you can end the tenancy.
There are specific responsibilities for both the tenant and the landlord/agent with regards to maintaining a rental property.

The tenant should :

Keep the premises clean.
Not cause damage to the premises
Inform the landlord/agent as soon as possible if any damage is done. Get the landlord/agent’s permission to install fixtures or make additions, alterations or renovations to the premises. This should always be done in writing.
Make sure that you do not cause any disturbance whilst inside and outside the premises

The landlords responsibilities :

Keep the premises in good condition
Make sure that all windows and doors can be locked and bolted
If at any time locks need to be changed a new key will issued to the tenant immediately
Do not disturb the tenant unless absolutely necessary

If a repair becomes necessary landlords are generally responsible for the repair, unless the tenant has caused the damage himself. If the tenant has cause the damage , then the repairs will have to be carried out at the tenant’s own expense.
In most cases, if the landlord fails to maintain the premises this will cause a breach of contract. If your landlord does break their agreement in this way, you may have the right to end your lease and move out.
If urgent repairs are required to your rental premises, you should initially try to arrange for the landlord/agent to fix the problem. If they cannot be contacted, you may need to go ahead and organise for the repairs yourself. Tenants are usually entitled to be re-imbursed for urgent repairs. Once the repairs are complete, the bill can either be sent directly to your landlord/agent or paid by yourself. If you pay the bill, make sure you obtain a receipt. A copy of this receipt can then be sent to your landlord/agent when you invoice them for the cost of the repair work.
Generally the only time you will be disturbed by the landlord during the “rental period” will be for an inspection of the property ,this will be written and agreed in the rental contract .Other possible reasons are to show potential buyers the property ,to carry out essential repairs ,to show new tenants the property if the current tenants are leaving.
Almost all all lease agreements in Thailand will not allow sub-letting without the express written consent of the landlord. Therefore, the tenant must get the landlord’s written permission before bringing in other people to rent the property. If the landlord agrees, and you do sub-let the premises, it is you who will be responsible for the behavior of the sub-tenants. If they damage the residence and will not pay for repairs or if they neglect to pay rent and etc., you will have to pay these costs.